Fifth Word

My 17 month old son learned a new word this week and I am not sure if I like it.  He's at the "better wean him from the binky before he gets to junior high" stage so as he's starting to babble a lot more when binkiless, some new words emerge that we may not have any control over.


Tristan was having a rather demanding day and wanted his food right here, right now.  Sure I can try to stall him as I make my own delicious plate of healthy lunch food arrayed with fresh berries, avocado smoothies, and tofu surprise to eat beside him, but in reality sometimes it's just a cold piece of pizza or a hunk of left-over something-or-other.  This day involved me splitting a yogurt with him and a slice of turkey so needless to say I was rather hungry when choosing a later snack option.  (Of course he dined on avocado, blueberries, and mango along with his turkey and yogurt but no one ever said motherhood was fair!)


So there I am like we've all been at one time or another, with a spoon directly into the tin roof sundae ice cream box for a bit of post-lunch nutrition (hey- peanuts have protein and ice cream contains dairy) and who walks around the corner, sizes me up, and mutters his now-5th official word.  "Bad!" he says!  "Bad?"  We've meticulously practiced words of all the animals in the world, complex parts of the body (head, shoulders, knees, and toes, anyone?), and crucial lines from 80's rock love ballads, and he chooses his next word to label me at my finest.  Mommy is bad for eating ice cream straight out of the carton.


"Bad!"  Right after the other four words of Mama, Dada, hi, and puppy... his fifth word is "bad" and it's describing his mother shoveling ice cream right out of the box.  Feeling a little judged here.  Maybe I'll put the binky back in so he doesn't learn his 6th word that could be something even more incriminating like "failure" or "jerkface."  Well, I had to make things right again, so the next day I did what any good mother would do... we went to Dairy Queen and ate ice cream the proper way.  And it was good.

♬ It's Blo-og.... it's blo-og ♬

We finally have a blog started!  Originally Dah Hubby thought right after the birth of our first child would be an excellent time to create a blog.  He poured his time and energy into figuring out how to make the perfect blog.  Yeah, then between diapers and baby talk I guess we never got around to blogging after the research portion ended.  Shocking, I know.   My "journaling" has been cramped into the brevity of the 2-3 permitted lines of my Facebook status updates...  not much space to bare one's soul.


Don't get all antsy and uncomfortable though, there will not be too much soul-baring.  Perhaps we'll include ironic observations, sociogram commentary, general complaints against mankind, and of course the occasional Ren and Stimpy song thrown in for good measure.  So here we go for my first blog...


"It's blo-og, it's blo-og.  It's big it's heavy, it's wood.  It's blo-og, it's blo-og, it's better than bad, it's good."  (Original song is "log" rather than "blog" but what wild and crazy fun would it be to sing about some dumb log.  I mean really.) 




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